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Mr. Oizo

Stade 3 Ep

(2012, Ed Banger Records) France, Paris

Mr. Oizo - Stade 3

“Stade 3 ” is in “Stade 2 ” vein, surprizing isn’t it ?

Calculatrix soundscapes are terrific !

WC reminds me of Mr.Oizo’s original soundtrack for Steak. Superbe.

Textes is absolutely groovy.

Finally Toodoo featuring Carmen Castro has a great “Lambs Anger” vibe. Oizo proves us again that he knows his job in mixing electro and vocals.

Genius ! We want more.




1. Toodoo (feat. Carmen Castro)
2. Calculatrix
3. Textes
4. WC


Stade 2

(2011, Ed Banger Records) France, Paris

Mr. Oizo - Stade 2

What a joy to discover form the first song Camelfuck that Mr. Oizo is back in the “Moustache (Half A Scissor)” vein.

Happy mode on..

I love Oral Sax which a crazy song for its rhythmic patterns.

Same comments on Ska.

The slow down break at 3:04 in France 7 is massive.

Douche Beat is this album’s single : more structured.

Hail to Quentin’s talent.

Once again it is hard to select only 5 tracks, I love all of them.




1. Oral Sax
2. France 7
3. Camelfuck
4. Douche Beat
5. Ska


Pourriture (Ep)

(2009, Ed Banger Records) France, Paris

Mr. Oizo - Pourriture

These remixes from “Lambs Anger” are terrific.

This Ep offers us some more raw versions of the songs which is really interesting (like in Pourriture X) !

Erreur Jean was huge but this remix is better.

You can probably think that Steroids ‘s remix rocks too.

A very good Ep !




1. Erreur Jean (Arveene and Misk Remix)
2. Steroids (Mr. Oizo Remix)
3. Pourriture X


Lambs Anger

(2008, Ed Banger Records) France, Paris

Mr. Oizo - Lambs Anger

And one more, one !

“Lambs Anger” is definitely a more “for the dancefloor” side than his other albums. Even though I was a little disappointed at first, I really appreciated it when I listen to these songs played live.

Positif is the great single with its catchy chorus “Vous êtes des animaux / You are animals”. I really love the part after the break at 1:04, simple but extremely powerful.

Erreur Jean is a hit in my heart : totally crazy.

Z is an other song à la “Quentin Dupieux’s movie soundtrack”

Gay Dentists is absolutely groovy : perfect for your parties ha ha.

Terrific slow-down part at 2:45 in Pourriture 7.

To listen entirely. As always.




1. Erreur Jean
2. Positif
3. Z
4. Gay Dentists
5. Pourriture 7


Transexual (Ep)

(2007, Ed Banger Records) France, Paris

Mr. Oizo - Transexual

In that Ep I really love the “classic song with parasites” touch of Patrick122.

Transexual becomes really great when the synthesizers arrive at 1:16.

I love Ovoma and its “Quentin Dupieux’s movie soundtrack” ambience.

For fans.




1. Patrick122
2. Transexual
3. Ovoma


Moustache (Half A Scissor)

(2005, F-Com) France, Paris

Mr. Oizo - Moustache (Half a Scissor)

“Moustache (Half A Scissor)” is in my opinion, one of the best electro albums ever. This is a laboratory full of (still fresh) soundscapes, with breakbeats like those in Nurse Bob and finely, cut-up sampled vocals. I found exactly all I love about electro in this album : new modular synthesizers, complex and captivating rythmics. All this done with finely built musical layers.

I saw Mr. Oizo live twice in 2009 : The 7th of February at Culture Club in Gent, Belgium, and the 18th of September at Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris.

Of course, he mainly played his club songs from “Lambs Anger” but he did play two songs from “Moustache” : Stunt and Half a Scissor. It was during these two songs that Quentin Dupieux (aka Mr. Oizo) was at his best, jumping around behind his turntables and turning his buttons crazily, destroying his own music into experimental noise.

You should listen to this album in one shot, and then again and again (and again). I still discover new details after five of years of listening. This is the kind of masterpiece I love : one with a surprising or scary initial impression that proves to be real goldmine over time, where you have to dig again and again to understand the artist’s work.

This is another painful top 5 : there is nothing bad about this album.




1. Nurse Bob
2. Vagiclean 2
3. Half a scissor
4. Stunt
5. Scum Hotel


Analog Worms Attack

(1999, F-Com) France, Paris

Mr. Oizo - Analog Worms Attack

Warning : Second best electro album from all times after “Moustache (Half A Scissor)”.

What is very impressive is that both of his first and second album are a huge hit, really original and totally differents electro-genre wise.

What is funny is when I was 14 I only liked Flat Beat. It’s only a couple years after that I realized the beauty I had in my hands.

Monophonic Shit : What a masterpiece ! and a marvelous synthesizer Finale !

No Day Massacre : What a masterpiece ! A la Gorillaz rhythmic patterns, but better. Terrific break at 2:07 !

Analog Worms Attack : What a masterpiece ! The synthesizers at 1:56 and the Finale : A Dream ! You’ll enjoy the videoclip he directed too : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8pzxyFZiI8

Last Night A DJ Killed My Dog : What a masterpiece ! And its great guitar samples.

Let’s congratulate Feadz to I love the song Feadz On and the break at 0:56.

It’s funny that Quentin always present his work as light and easy in the interviews but even though he may work fast, his music is really fine.

The break-beat + disto on the drums + death-synthesizers is a sucessful cocktail !

It is almost impossible to choose the best songs.

Mythic album.




1. No Day Massacre
2. Monophonic Shit
3. Analog Worms Attack
4. Feadz On
5. Last Night A DJ Killed My Dog


Flat Beat (Ep)

(1999, F-Com)

Mr. Oizo Flat Beat (Ep)

I discovered Mr. Oizo in middle school, in 1999, during a trip to Kent, England. My parents gave me pocket money, and I had to spend it there of course. Instead of investing it in Toblerones like some of my friends did (I won’t mention names but they now play with me in H.O.Z.), I used the money to buy CDs, choosing by the cover.

That’s how I ended up with the 3 track version “Flat Beat” Ep (thinking I was buying a full length CD – haha!). I was immediately fascinated by the weirdness of the synthetizers, that I used to call “musical noise” and by the songs Flat Beat and Monday Massacre.

It was only the following summer (when Quentin Dupieux became famous in France with his Levi’s commercial that featured Flat Eric) that I learned he was French. Before that, I thought that it was avant-garde English music (young fool that I was). That was the beginning of a true musical love story.




1. Flat Beat


M-Seq (Ep)

(1998, F-Com)

Mr. Oizo - M-Seq

Here is one of the very first Mr. Oizo’s Eps that I discovered quite recently (hard to find in vinyl)

I really love that these tracks give you a preview of ideas which will be used in “Analog Worms Attack” as for certains synthesizers used or rhythmic patterns like in Intro (Kirk’s Back).

My favorite song in this Ep is Oizo’s (Doggy Bag Mix).

M-Seq is really close from future Flat Beat.

For fans.




1. Oizo’s (Doggy Bag Mix)
2. Intro (Kirk’s Back)
3. M-Seq


#1 (Ep)

(1997, F-Com)

Mr. Oizo - #1

#1 is the very first Ep by Mr. Oizo and I only found a physical record very recently.

What is funny in Intro is that the kick+snare pattern he uses will be re-used in so many of is tracks over the years.

It is simple but really efficient.

L’Homme De Fer (1995 Cheap Mix) plays a wide and interesting soundscape that you may recognize on Analog Worms Attack.

Kirk sounds like a Grem’s production haha.

The other songs are in a minimal techno genre that I’m not interested in.

For fans.




1. L’Homme De Fer (1995 Cheap Mix)
2. Intro
3. Kirk


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