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Month: April 2013


We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors Of Peace & Magic (2013, Jagjaguwar Records) USA, California. Foxygen is a pop duo who plays a music between the pop and rock from [ … ]

Edible Woman

Nation (2013, Santeria Records) Italia. New album by Edible Woman, with a better sound and still recorded live. My favorite song on that album is Cancer mainly for its terrific part à [ … ]


Les Grandes Marées (2011, Purepainsugar Records) France. 12XU is a french punk band, with french lyrics, and it seems they’ve exported their music in US and Japan ! Congratulations ! [ … ]

TV On The Radio

Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes (2004, Touch And Go) USA, NY I discovered that band thanks to Rachael (http://www.rachaelwoodson.com/). I tried to listen to their music a couple time in [ … ]

Born Ruffians

Birthmarks (2013, Paper Bags Records) Canada As with each Born Ruffians album, I can’t wait for the release date. As with every Born Ruffians album, I am never disappointed. Another [ … ]


Public Strain (2010, Flemish Eye) Canada I discovered Women first beacuse of its amazing cover, I love that picture. This indie-rock band is a good surprize. Women crosses many genres… [ … ]

The Volcanos

Surf Quake (1996, Estrus Records) USA, Detroit. My friend Romain Cotton introduced me to the music by The Volcanos. It is a traditionnal surf rock album. Like in any surf [ … ]

Puce Moment

Puce Moment (2013, Tsunami Addiction) France. Puce Moment is a new project by Nico and Penelope from the french band Cercueil. It is an electro-ambient music, sometimes drone, with amazing [ … ]


Homosapien (2013, Felte Records) London, Sydney. No need to see the future to know that this album will be in my Top 13 2013. This trio is skilled ! Homosapien is [ … ]

Flash Bang Grenada

10 Haters (2011, Hellfyre Club) USA, L.A. You’ll find here a Busdriver’s side project with Nocando. Flash Bang Grenada is about electro productions and these two Mc’s flows. My favorite [ … ]