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Child Bite

Child Bite - Vision Crimes - Cover

Vision Crimes

(2013, Joyful Noise Recordings) USA, Detroit.

Last 10″ by Child Bite : the sound/mixing is excellent !

You’ll note that a new drummer is here : Ben Moore.

The album starts with the powerful Abysmal Splatter that throw you down their universe and makes you feel their live energy. Child Bite are good in ambiences (Great break at 1:51 on the toms).

Life As A Parasite‘s composition is terrific, that intro with the bass riff, these complex rhythmic patterns and that looped riff on the guitar : everything is huge in that song !

All these riffs and ideas in The Nerves are genius and I love the singing (great part at 0:39)

I love Shawn’s flow in Mutilation Revival.

That Ep ends with Save Your Scream with a catchy riff that stucks to your brain. I love this kind-of-theremin layer.

We were lucky to open with H.O.Z. for their show in Lille (North of France) @ l’Aeronef, the 20th of April 2013.

Their show was massive and moving !

The artwork is absolutely beautiful, good work Shawn (Child Bite’s singer)

An amazing album !




1. Life As A Parasite
2. The Nerves
3. Abysmal Splatter
4. Save Your Scream
5. Mutilation Revival



(2012, Joyful Noise Recordings) USA, Detroit.

Here is a 10″ by Child Bite, recently re-issued with Vision Crimes as a LP/CD.

You’ll find here a videoclip for The Nab Munch Is Gone : http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=lRBz_JraJ4Q (amazing ideas at 2:13).

The part at 2:18 in Smear Where The Face Was is terrific and the I like the different ambiences in that song.

I love the way that both the guitars riffs are combined in Vapor In The Orphan Loop.

The artwork is beautiful as usual.

Some good songs.




1. The Nab Munch Is Gone
2. Vapor In The Orphan Loop
3. Smear Where The Face Was

You can stream all these songs for free here : http://childbite.bandcamp.com/


The Living Breathing Organ Summer

(2010, Joyful Noise Recordings) USA, Detroit.

Child Bite is a quatuor from Detroit who play a hardcore, punk or noise music with Shawn’s signature voice.

If I should compare that music, I would say it sounds like Dope Body, Some Girls or Jello Biafra.

Manacles is a killer song, I love how the bass guitar (Sean) arrives at 0:53 and all these guitar’s ambiences along the song (Brandon).

The “Oh oh oh” chorus in Odd Inn remains in mind.

Once again I love the bass riff and that catchy chorus in Paws Perlious. Is there a Deerhoof touch in there or it’s just me being crazy ?

I like a lot that weird chorus in Age Of Vacuum Trotters (awesome part at 1:34).

The vocal performance on Limpin’ Rowd & Pussy Footin’ is terrific !

A very good album !




1. Manacles
2. Age Of Vacuum Trotters
3. Odd Inn
4. Paws Perlious
5. Limpin’ Rowd & Pussy Footin’

Child Bite’s bandcamp page : http://childbite.bandcamp.com/

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