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TV On The Radio

Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes

(2004, Touch And Go) USA, NY

I discovered that band thanks to Rachael (http://www.rachaelwoodson.com/). I tried to listen to their music a couple time in the past without notice anything, what a shame.

I just like two songs on that album, but two amazing songs!

Ambulance is a total success ! The choirs and harmonies are absolutely beautiful ! It is exactly the kind of riff which will remain in mind for decades.

I think the power of that song comes from its simplicity, you may surprize yourself singing along the main theme.
The part at 3:52 is terrific !

Staring At The Sun is the most rock song in that album and the most interesting one melody-wise.

That’s it.




1. Ambulance
2. Staring At The Sun


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