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Devil Sold His Soul

Blessed and Cursed

(2010, Century Media Records) UK

Cover de Blessed and Cursed

I met the Devil Sold His Soul (UK) guys when I played before them at a festival in Lille in 2009 (see A Fragile Hope post below, to come).
After signing with Century Media Records, the band became bigger and better : with wonderful artwork and a very clear and powerful sound. Also the teaser, the single Callous Heart, was really tempting.

In the new album, you’ll find the main ingredients which made “A Fragile Hope” a success : A great sense of composing, a clever play between the two guitars, and finally better continuity. Ed’s vocals are more defined in the new album than ever.

My favorite song is the fastest and darkest one (surprising !) Truth has come. We find there a lot of melodies à la Envy, but still with the DSHS recipe, which characterizes them.

This time, the album provides ambiances that carry a message of hope, in my opinion. I have to admit that I prefer their darker side from “A Fragile Hope”. I hope my band will cross their road again soon.




1. Truth has come
2. Callous Heart
3. Drowning and sinking
4. An Ocean of Light
5. The Weight of Faith

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