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Ate Ate Ate

(2008, Robotradio Records) Italia

Putiferio Ate Ate Ate

I discovered Robotradio Records, and its awesome bands, from an add in Noisemag. If you listen to “Ate Ate Ate”, you can figure yourself that Putiferio understood many faces of music. An original aesthetic, good musicians, lyrics with many references (Bob Dylan in Give Peace a Cancer, thank you Rachael), ambiances, a great sound, and finally a beautiful artwork. The digipack is well done with golden snakes drawings into a body shape on a black background, and handwritten lyrics. You get it : I love the artwork, but is that so interesting ? Yep it is, So I tried to find out which printer provides a so good job and… Putiferio’s music is complex, with many riffs changes, like in Give Peace a Cancer or We have all the Razors Gone. It changes very often, but always in an interesting and surprising way.

The whole thing with many references (Tea for two or breaks à la Chemical Brothers into an Indie Rock way). Strings are awesome and the noisy aspect is under control and build wide ambiances. They sound too like The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower, in a way.

I’ll end by a description of my favorite part in the CD, in Putiferio goes to War at 8:00 after an Electro break à la Brian Eno, and a catchy drum break, then what a slow and powerful riff : Awesome !




1. Give Peace a Cancer
2. Putiferio Goes to War
3. We have all the Razors Gone
4. Aristocatastrophism


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