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Duck Duck Goose

Off Yourself

(2010, Roam The River Records) USA, Californie

I discovered this band through Sam Pura from The Panda Studios (http://blog.thepandastudios.com/). Sam mixed our last album “Loud Noise Making” and this Duck Duck Goose’s second album.

That time, the sound is more rock/punk than metal and it’s a great. You’ll find again their catchy and powerful rhythmics and their fine noisy guitar riffs.

David, the singer, deliver us an amazing vocal performance, I really love what he did with Shitstorm (and their funny choirs at 0:21).

Pollution People with HHLL’s singer featuring is brilliant, here is a live video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1Czn-VaL1w

The part at 2:24 in Firetrucks On Fire is terrific.

A very good album, I can’t wait for the next one.




1. Pollution People
2. Shitstorm
3. I Came, Come
4. Dirt Freaks
5. Firetrucks On Fire

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Noise, Noise and More Noise

(2008, Warcon Records) USA, California

Duck Duck Goose Noise Noise & More Noise

“Noise, Noise and more Noise” is their first album, and yes : What a success ! The first thing that beat/destroyed my ears was the sound : What power ! Really powerful and compressed, the drumkit releases a huge energy. The strings are also well mixed.

David’s voice is as violent as possible and matches very well with the break parts (like at 0:49 in Wonderful wizard of LSD). I really like these little parts full of synthetic sounds, which fall between rock’n’roll parts (Boy oh Boy, I ain’t no wiz kid. à 1:23) and mosh parts.

This band is for me a great discovery, because bands à la Heavy Heavy Low Low, who bring a rock touch to hardcore, are rare. When the album finishes, you just think one thing : We want more ! Can’t wait for the new one.




1. Sgt. Slaughter
2. Wonderfull Wizard of LSD
3. Boy Oh Boy, i Aint No Wiz Kid.
4. Stow After The Bar
5. Red, I Dont Have Time For This…


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