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Daughters – Discography Review


(2010, Hydra Head Records) USA, Providence

Last album for Daughters and I hope not forever… The band just split

I hope it won’t last!

We continue far from the grindcore world into more indie rock stuff: it probably opens wider their audience. The quality is still there: sound is heavy and awesome.

Cover ‘s artwork is great with many portraits of crying women in grey white and black. Superbe.

The song Our Queen (One is Many, Many Are One) is terrific: At 1:40, you can’t help clapping your hands

After The Virgin, powerfull intro, comes The First Supper which was the CD’s teaser: it’s a very impressive song and a masterpiece.

Then The Theatre Goer plays with a strong drum riff, looped but more and more complex and powerful. Jon proves again he’s skilled but more subtly (like at 1:18 in The Theatre Goer and his crazy riffs during the awesome noise-guitar part !)

The Dead Singer is great too: a great build-up.

A new instrument arrives in the Daughters family: subtle keyboards on the last song The Unattractive, Portable Head: another well-done build-up.

The vocals are still very good, and the bass level is higher in the mix which is a good thing.

As ever, I love all the songs and it was hard for me to only select five songs.

I never saw them live in Europe, I hope they’ll play together again!


Top 5 heart
  1. Our Queen (One Is Many, Many Are One)
  2. The First Supper
  3. The Virgin
  4. The Theatre GoerThe Dead Singer

Hell Songs

(2006, Hydra Head Records) USA, Providence

This is one of my favorite CD ever: which changed my perception of music. I listened to it so many times and it’s definitely the CD I’ll take on a desert island.

It’s one of the weirdest albums that I could listen to.
First difference with “Canada Songs” is Alexis stopped screaming and speaks now.

I remember that “Hell Songs” received really bad reviews here because of that.

By my side, I thought since the beginning that this change was awesome, a great change for them and their style, and a great change for myself. It’s probably what makes grow in me an interest in indie rock music. I was only into Hardcore and Grind at this time.

I think this album really brought something to rock music from its originality.

How is that possible to do a piece of so extreme music without screaming? it’s awesome.
Alexis vocals are totally hallucinating, declaimed and insane (like in Daughters Spelled Wrong).

In some reviews I read, his voice is compared to David Yow, who I respect, but except that both of them declaim lyrics, I think they do pretty different kinds of stuff, with their own way and both interesting.

The sound is neater than in “Canada Songs” and you’ll enjoy better delays effects from Nick Sadler and his crazy slides (Fiery)

Jon, the drummer, definitely built in this CD his signature: crazy double bass loud with cymbals, but few snares, what sounds weird at first approach, but it’s really interesting. His riffs are genius (like in Hyperventilationsystem, Recorded Inside A Pyramid)

Violins and brass play too in Providence By Gaslight which provide a wide variety of ambiances.

I love the whole album too and I love this abstract painting on the cover.


Top 5 heart
  1. Providence By Gaslight
  2. Recorded Inside A Pyramid
  3. Fiery
  4. Cheers, Pricks
  5. Hyperventilationsystem

Live at CBGB

(2004, City Of Hell) USA, Providence

This CD is for the craziest Daughters’ fans and an epic live at NY’s CBGB with songs from “Canada Songs”.

The sound is ok for a live, just sometimes the tempo slows down.

Only one thing to say: I just miss the video with!

PS: Original CD’s sound is much better than the mp3s on the internet or that youtube link.


Top 5 heart
  1. Fur Beach
  2. Boner X-Ray
  3. Jones From Indiana
  4. The Ghost With The Most
  5. Hello Assholes

Canada Songs

(2003, Robotic Empire) USA, Providence

I’ve waited a long time before doing these Daughters Review because this band is in my Top 5 bands ever.

So here is “Canada Song”, first album. And I got the extended version with songs from their first 7″ as bonus tracks.

So Daughters’ story starts as one of the wildest grindcore band ever, at their beginning.

Nothing surprising because they grew on The awesome As The Sun Sets ashes.

Songs length is around 1:00, it plays crazy fast, it screams, it rocks hard.

I remember that this first CD already impressed me much.

You can already find inside the beginning of their future work and identity :

  • Possessed singing
  • Very fast slides on the strings
  • Violin-like guitars ambiances.
  • Complex drum rhythms

It was hard for me to only keep 5 songs, the album is short and all the songs got equal qualities.

A very good album.


Top 5 heart
  1. Fur Beach
  2. And Then The C.H.U.D.S Came
  3. Pants, Meet Shit
  4. I Don’t Give A Shit About Wood, I’m Not A Chemist
  5. Mike Morowitz, The Fantasy Fuck

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Daughters – Discography Review

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