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The Bad Plus

Never Stop

(2010, Universal) USA, Minneapolis

I just received The Bad Plus’ last album, one of my favorite band ever.

In this album you just have original compositions, which is a first compare to all their past albums, with many covers.

I just really like four songs in this album, and I found the others a little bit boring.

I really like this low piano in My Friend Metatron, the groovy rythm of Super America and the crazy build-up of The Radio Tower has a Beating Heart.

Berry Loves To Dance is my favorite song on the album.

I can’t wait for see them live.




1. Beryl Loves To Dance
2. My Friend Metatron
3. Super America
4. The Radio Tower has a Beating Heart


These are the Vistas

(2003, Columbia Records) USA, Minneapolis

The Bad Plus These are The Vistas

My friend Mainro had a musical project in Valenciennes’s University, where I studied. With his band, they decided to do a cover of Aphex Twin’s Flim, and that’s why Mainro made me discover The Bad Plus Flim Cover.
“These are the Vistas” is in my opinion a major album in music history.
It’s a virtuoso trio :  Bass, Drum and Piano, who play a music between Jazz and Progressive Rock. They are very famous for the following covers : Flim, Smell Like Teen Spirit, Heart of Glass
But it’s more for their original compositions (mainly composed by Reid Anderson, the Bassist)  that I love them and precisely Big Eater.

Their music is complex and dissonant, but pretty much composed which let you easily remind the piano riffs.
I love too the 1972 Bronze Medalist song and its drum solo at 4:50.
They record their music in one shot, no overdub, that’s rare nowadays.
I heard that The Bad Plus was one of the last Jazz band who still sells CDs and signs on Major Labels, and it’s easy to understand it : They really brought a new view on this music with many talents.




1. Big Eater
2. 1972 Bronze Medalist
3. Smells like Teen Spirit
4. Heart of Glass
5. Flim


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