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Restiform Bodies

TV loves you back

(2008, Anticon Records) USA, California

Restiform Bodies TV Loves You Back

“Manu I think I have new stuffs for you” – Milan with an happy face.
Milan made me discover the weirdest side of hiphop.
But Restiform Bodies is a very, very weird one.
This band should be the weirdest hiphop band ever, with DoseOne’s projects of course. Born from The Passage ashes and signed with Anticon, This trio play an electro hiphop, very technical and  wild.
First song I listened to is Consumer Culture Wave which start with an abstract electro riff, then comes the voice with a counter time flow.

David Bryant doesn’t breath. That’s it. His oratories seem endless and he does it live (from what I watched on Youtube). The most impressive examples are in A Pimp-like God from 0:28 to 1:05 or in Panic Shopper from 2:25 to 3:15.

Added to his technical flow and his lyrics full of interesting images :
“I got a long list of criticism for my superiors that I hoist like a heater from the holster of my hero with a dream in mind of meter-less convenient street parking, I feed a coin to the computer to put my head down keep walking”,
David sings with very weir chorus. My initials impressions were : I dislike them, then when I get used to it, It’s a real plus in their music.

The productions are very impressive, with a wide variety of originals synthesizers (Bobby Trendy Addendum) and changing beats. This band is really one of my favorites.




1. Consumer Culture Wave
2. Bobby Trendy Addendum
3. A Pimp-like God
4. Opulent Soul
5. Panic Shopper


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