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Les Rythmes Digitales

Les Rythmes Digitales - Dark Dancer - Cover


(1999, Wall Of Sound) UK, Reading.

“Dark Dancer” is a very important record for me.

I discover that artist thanks to Sir Olivier Pichetti who introduced Xavier and myself to that music.

Les Rythmes Digitales, a project by Stuart Price, sounds like a Squarepusher in advance. He’s offering us a cool mix of electro-house-funk with a bass guitar.

The bass guitar’s riff is his thing, give it a try on his famous Jacques Your Body [Make Me Sweat] : an efficient idea with great synths. There is a live of that song here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u44NKcZNxfk

As for that bass riff in one of the first songs : Music Makes You Lose Control at 0:14 : Terrific !

I love is taste for complex rhythmic patterns as well like in Soft Machine which still sounds fresh today (And I love the vocals too “I’ve got Lucifer rising in my head“).

[Hey You] What’s That Sound ? is a very catchy song that brings nostalgy to me and reminds me of my middle school years and the party at the Pichetti’s basement.

To conclude, About Funk is the song that influenced me the most in my electro project AL°R : I love how that song evolves, the beats, the choice and layering of the synthesizers. When comes the bass synth at 1:19 it kills, and when the solo synth comes at 2:54 it is genius. You have to breakdance on that song if you’re human.

The artwork is great.

A Must-Have-In-Your-Collection.




1. [Hey You] What’s That Sound ?
2. About Funk
3. Music Makes You Lose Control
4. Jacques Your Body [Make Me Sweat]
5. Soft Machine

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