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Broka Billy

(2010, Les éditions populaires) France, Paris

Cover de Grems Broka Billy

Broka Billy was claimed as the French Alternative Hiphop’s Rendez-vous of 2010.
Nothing was really new since the TTC/Fuzati/Le Jouage… wave between 2000 and 2005.
Grems has, in my opinion, the following strenghts :  captivating timber, technical and atypical flow,  very good productions.
The Broka B-ook is a classy item, becauses of the photos, pictures or vector graphics made with the lyrics of each songs.

It’s an interesting concept and the qualities are all presents. (I got a crush for Place de la com pictures).
The album is well-done, original and new, as for his sonority as the vocal performance of Grems and the others featuring.

The black dot for me is the lyrics. there are pretty poor and about egotrip and stupid porn-songs (as actual TTC music).
Photosoap is the exception, with a “Portrait” of the graphic designer worker and Dimanche that I already liked the original version, and now with q more punchy production in this remix.

Rencontre avec un ballon is the most interesting song (except the lyrics) mainly for the two first verses, the end is pretty boring. This song’s videoclip is well-done and a little bit scary, it matches perfectly with Grems imaginary.

To finish, “Broka Billy” is a good album, interesting and with a good sound and graphic quality, I’ll wait his next one, but I hope this time with much interesting lyrics and others of his musical-Portrait.




1. Rencontre avec un ballon
2. Dimanche Rmx
3. J’tumilie
4. Photosoap
5. Broka Billy


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