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Music From The Adventures Of Pete & Pete

(1999, The Mezzotint Label) USA, Connecticut.

Polaris - Music From the Adventures of Pete and Pete

I discover that album (almost impossible to get a copy ! I waited one year for mine) through Tera Melos cover of Hey Sandy.

It is a one-off album with songs for Nickelodeon TV show “The Adventures Of Pete & Pete” with members of Miracle Legion. Here is Hey Sandy, opening theme of the first season : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WY_3uxzkoV4

You could say their music is a weird version of REM or The Pixies.

I think that album is really good and I don’t understand why it didn’t become more popular, maybe because of that weird keyboard in She’s Staggering ?

The song Saturnine is incredible : the singing sounds exactly like Born Ruffians !

I think that the effects on the guitar and the chords are weird in Summerbaby, I like it haha.

Amazing chorus in Waiting For October.

A good album !




1. Hey Sandy
2. Waiting For October
3. Saturnine
4. She’s Staggering
5. Summerbaby

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