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Girls In Hawaii

Girls In Hawaii - From Here to There - Cover

From Here to There

(2003, Naïve) London.

Here is a Belgian group that I appreciate for the (apparent) simplicity of their compositions and the very fresh sound that gives you an irresistible desire to go on holidays …

Short Song for a Short Mind is probably my favorite song with its big bass line and its balanced harmony.

Found in the Ground with delicacy,  is a well-put-together song with its harmonies that give some sweetness to this refreshing track.

The amazing Flavor starts with a bass line, minimalist in the first minute , then it rises slowly (beautiful vocals). Unexpected arrival of the beatbox then the big sound at 2’27”. Such a great song !

Organeum has a very nice intro voice / piano which is slowly flowing to a surprising final at 3’41 ‘. This song is atmospheric and captivating.

I chose The Ship On The Sea in the top 5 for the quality of its composition, a song in which we find ourselves “in the clouds” and that is vocally subtle (very great mix.)

A beautiful album that I like to listen over and over …




1. Short Song for a Short Mind
2. Found in the Ground
3. Flavor
4. Organeum
5. The Sip on the Sea

Girls In Hawaii’s official website : http://www.girlsinhawaii.be/

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