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Nickel Pressing

Nickel Pressing - Who Decides? - Cover

Who Decides ? Ep

(2013, Lo Recordings) France.

tI first met Yann Sandeau (The tall Yann), years ago in Lyon (South of France). He’s a friend of my ex-roommate Jacques-André Dupont. I’ve heard a couple songs by Nickel Pressing at the time, in the krautrock genre.

Jako then moved to Berlin years ago. He directed the special effects on our videoclip “Rock’n’Fall” (http://vimeo.com/5941293) with H.O.Z. He passed by my place months ago and he showed me the videoclip he was working on.

Terrific ! this was Who Decides ? videoclip that you can watch here : http://vimeo.com/64301504. In that electro-rock song, I love when the synthesizer arrives at 1:12 and the way that song is composed.

That videoclip is nominated for a videoclip award in Berlin.

Then Yann sent Nickel Pressing’s ep (great photography !) and I was blown away by Egyptian Cat. I didn’t play a song in loop since decades. That song got the killer sound, it sounds like a crossing between Rainbow Arabia and PVT.

The composition is really great, the soundscapes rocks and I love the vocals as well. It is a mature and really impressive song : Bravo !

With a high level in composition, you’ll find Forest (and its great bass guitar line).

Insel Paradisio has a good composition level too, but with less melancolia, so it didn’t move me.

You need to follow that band absolutely !




1. Egyptian Cat
2. Who Decides ?
3. Forest

 Site officiel de Nickel Pressing : www.nickelpressing.com

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