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Zôl - Zôly Ordinaire - Cover

Zôly Ordinaire

(2006, Jarring Effects) France, St Nazaire.

Jako introduced me to Zôl’s music, when I was a student in Valenciennes.

I think he discovered him in his search for innovative videoclips, then I discovered La vengeance de Boorbie. More than an amazing videoclip directed by Charlie Mars, I was trapped into Jean-Zôl universe.

I bought “Zôly Ordinaire” (la Baleine Distribution) and I was fascinated by the quality of the production and his breakbeat/mashup style, heard in Boorbie, and Stereotype too (Death break at 1:12 with à la flat beat synthesizers and a powerful breakbeat at 2:20).

I’m never bored of the amazing work he does with voices, like in  the satanic choirs of Lolitaz or in Marmouzetisme.

The instruments and synthesizers are great too, like the magic flute in 7/8 Super Party Hit Déchéance.

Then I contacted him and I understood fast that we were linked by our love for “Mr. Moustache” by Mr. Oizo.

So I provided voice samples from my album “Loud Noise Making”, and he built Gommage Eclat, finally released with his new project [Trap] with other songs with these samples : http://www.adnoiseam.net/store/trap-offrande-1697_p4138.html

As I worked with him, I can say that Jean-Zôl is a perfectionist, and that is the reason why there is so many details and samples in his songs which you discover and rediscover by listening to them over and over.

I couldn’t find his songs in streaming, but the videoclip link below is amazing and I hope it will convince you to buy the CD.




Videoclip : La Vengeance de Boorbie

1. La Vengeance de Boorbie
2. Stereotype
3. Marmouzetisme
4. 7/8 Super Party Hit Déchéance
5. Lolitaz


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