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(2012, Rejuvenation Records) USA, Atlanta.

Hawks - Pushover

Here is a LP which may change some people opinions about physical release nowadays : What a terrific object !

This white vinyl with colours lines is in a somptuous sleeves illustrated by younganimal (the singer) inspired by Charles Burns drawing (thanks GregReju for this information).

Does this object got a soul ? For shizzle.

Hawks offers us a noisy rock music really loud and powerful, somewhere in between Haust, Black Elk, Swarm Of The Lotus and of course Shellac…

You’ll find all this in the well-named : Colossus and its awesome guitar’s riff which remains in head, like in Cottonmouth by the way.

I really love Blistered ‘s chorus “Wait until you see the eyes ! I’m not long for this world!”

Tanked is really funny and reminds me a little of Man Man’s songs or the last album by Take A Walk For A Walk Week from Glasgow.

The vocal performance in White Crosses is well-done !

I couldn’t add it in my top 5 but I really like too No Exercise on the B side.

A very good record.

Hawks is touring these days check this out : http://www.rejuvenationrecords.com/pages/label/infos/reju048.htm




1. Colossus
2. Blistered
3. Tanked
4. White Crosses
5. Cottonmouth

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