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Where Vultures Land

(2012, Throatruiner Records) Suisse.

Elizabeth - Where Vultures Land

I always followed the projects with Nostromo’s ex-members.

Javier sings in Elizabeth.

I play the clear 12″ on my turntable and What a slap in my face since the very first track : Darkness.

You’ll find here a ultra powerful mix of Hardcore in between Converge and Curl Up And Die.

The sound is fine and efficient. The ambiences work well : perfect.

Another hit is the brutal Heartbeats and its terrific break at 0:59.

Black Eyed is the most sucessful song as for its great composition and for the choice of ambiences (the part at 1:23 is sick)

The Call is really cool : I love this Low tuned guitar intro.

Let’s finish beautifully with Rising Kingdom.

I can’t wait for a new release !




1. Heartbeats
2. Black Eyed
3. Darkness
4. Rising Kingdoms
5. The Call

Tous les morceaux sont en écoute streaming gratuite sur le Bandcamp du groupe.

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