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The Festival Of Dead Deer

The Many Faces Of Mental Illness 

(2001, Three One G) USA, California.

Review of a compilation of an amazing band : The Festival Of Dead Deer.

I always was fascinated by their music : theirs songs are original and Grand.

After the fast Episodes, my favorite song is My Names Explicit and its terrific part at 4:06.

The Festival Of Dead Deer brings a high level of quality in noise music : it’s only dissonance, scary chords and feedback noise (like at 1:19 in Festival Of Dead Deer), but it creates too interesting ambiances and melodies in a way.

The vocals at 0:55 in Monotones are scary and moving at the same time.

The bass guitar is in front in the mix and its sound is great (like in Festival Of Dead Deer intro or its awesome finale at 2:25)

I really love the drum pattern at 0:35 in Inner Planetary Reasoning.

This album is mythic ! I couldn’t find any song in streaming, only this live will be a teaser for you :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqcwyUnN7Mo




1. My Names Explicit
2. Monotones
3. Festival Of Dead Deer
4. Episodes
5. Inner Planetary Reasoning


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