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King Cannibal

King Cannibal - The Way Of The Ninja - Cover

The Way Of The Ninja

(2010, Ninja Tune Records) UK,  London.

When I received that disc, I thought it was a new album by King Cannibal but it is a compilation, with Ninja Tune’s songs mixed together.

It is quite a lot of work : 256 songs mixed in 74 minutes.

But I feel a little bit disppointed : I don’t recognize any of the ambiences, rhythmics or synthesizers I loved on “Let The Night Roar”

I love some songs, like the part at 2:04 in We Keep It Straight Bombing or Bass Bins Through Broken Glass which makes me think of the first album spirit but less aggressive.

For Ninja Tune’s fans.




1. We Keep It Straight Bombing
2. Bass Bins Through Broken Glass


Let The Night Roar

(2009, Ninja Tune Records) UK,  London.

Master Milan introduced me to King Cannibal’s music. I invited me to a Ninja Tune party where I couldn’t go unfortunately.

I directly loved that mix of electro, violent rhythmics, and interesting vocals.

Les riffs et synthés d’Aragami Style sont fous et j’ai du écouter ce titre et taper les rythmes avec mes doigts partout pendant six mois au moins (de même pour Colder Style)

The ragga/dancehall screamed vocals by Daddy Freddy on Dirt are amazing ! (Terrific at 1:25)

Face-a-face’s vocals on Virgo are a great idea. It is a hiphop duo I discovered with Galash : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9u1r7TKrbh8.

A Shining Force‘s rhythmic patterns make me think of Amon Tobin’s ones.

A terrific album !




1. Aragami Style
2. Dirt
3. Virgo
4. Colder Still
5. A Shining Force

King Cannibal’s official website : http://ninjatune.net/artist/king-cannibal

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