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Cancer 4 Cure

(2012, Fat Possum Records) USA, NY.

EL-P - Cancer 4 Cure

Last El-P album, yes, I missed a couple of them in between, but I’ll work on it.

There is in C4C the same stuffs I liked in “Fantastic Damage” : mastermind electro-production and a really cool flow.

The Full Retard‘s beat and the “So you should pump tis shit like they do in the future” sample rock the pump up.

True Story is a terrific production on a pure beat, like in The Jig Is Up.

The synthesizer in For My Upstair Neighbor (Mums The Word) kicks.

A good record.




1. The Full Retard
2. True Story
3. The Jig Is Up
4. For My Upstair Neighbor (Mums The Word)


Fantastic Damage

(2002, Definitive Jux) USA, NY.

EL-P - Fantastic Damage

First El-P’s album and what a success !

Another discovery by Mister Milan. He introduced me many years ago to El-P and Company flow.

There is no track to send in the bin in this record : always fabulous productions and an interesting flow.

My favorite song on this album is Stepfather Factory. There is a terrific ambience out of this song and its chorus.

And here we go again with Squeegee Man Shouting ! I think that it is a huge number of layers/details which made all this productions exceptionnals.“1985 got red top live and it was ten to the decibel, my lifelong pride, so I was part of the pack, pardon that, that’s fact I stole, part of a track and started to rap.”

Once again : amazing production in Tunes Mass Damper and in Delorean, and great ambiences.

Dr. Hellno And The Praying Mantus‘s bass line remains in head and reminds me off Mr.Oizo first album. The chorus is great too :“Don’t make me bite ya face ‘Cuz it ain’t like I like the taste It’s more of a psychological thing My heart pace’ll never change But your cabbage’ll get rearranged”.


You need this record.




1. Stepfather Factory
2. Squeegee Man Shouting
3. Tunes Mass Damper
4. Delorean
5. Dr. Hellno And The Praying Mantus


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