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Speedy Ortiz

Speedy Ortiz - Major Arcana - Cover

Major Arcana

(2013, Carpark Records) USA, Massachusetts.

I discover their album on the Pitchfork.com page : What a hit !

This band play a kind of weezer music, more punk and dirty, led by Sadie Dupuis (vocals).

All the guitar’s riffs and production on Cash Cab are amazing (huge at 0:56) and I like when comes “I wanna be with somebody”.

I’ve listened probably twenty time in two days to Gary. The ambiences rock and I love these strange vocals at 1:52. The song ends in a beautiful heaviness.

In deed many parts in that album makes me think of Weezer’s blue album production.

No Below’s main riff remains in mind, well-done !

Fun‘s chorus is pretty cool.

I love MKVI‘s finale.

A terrific album !




1. Cash Cab
2. Gary
3. No Below
4. Fun

Speedy Ortiz’s bandcamp page :  http://speedyortiz.bandcamp.com/

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