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Pigs are Back

(2004, Bizzare Leprous Production) Czech Republic

Cover de Pigsty Pigs are back

There is few Grind band which still surprized me. How a band, from Czech Republic, not well-known, could have a so good sound in 2004 ?
Pigsty is not a shrewdly Band, with pretty simple lyrics in a Miss Piggy Universe, that’s what you feel, carried by Topi’s sweet voice.
What is very impressive too, is how well the sound engineer rendered the speed and power of the drum play, in the blast parts. Otyn is, of course, a good technician, classical for this music style. About strings, we have simple riffs but pretty catchy.

There is too some interludes like Tabalabadach et Gebr Ghare-kind and samples (from the Videogame Halo and others)  spread everywhere on the album, which give an interesting ambience : Most of the actual grind bands miss that.

As paradoxal it looks like, I’m never bored of listening again and again the powerfull The Universe pig + Monkey = The Essence of Existence with only few riffs, but with an impressive structure and vocals. I leave you to my Top 5 , Please notify the quality of the song’s titles.




1. The Universe Pig + Monkey = The Essence Of Existence
2. Angels
3. Pigs are back
4. Pig Football
5. Gebr Ghare


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