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Girls Death

(2012, Rose Bruyère Records) France, Rennes.

Beatch - Girls Death

Mister Billy B. Beat changed his name and location (Rennes) to avoid some taxes issues with “Encodable en Mp3 ”  royalties, but it doesn’t matter.

Hail to Beatch and the way he changes his musical universe.

This album is much more about rock between Elliott Smith, François Virot and plenty others, with a frenchy touch, which will melt many hearts for sure. You’ll find the sum of this references in Lying To You, the composition is well-done and I love the solo at 1:22.

He still keeps some of his background, as his taste for samples or retiming.

My favorite song is I’ll be back. The layering is perfect and the vocal performance terrific, I love it at 1:08.

Amazing part at 2:09 in Holidays !

Is Whirlpool linked to Sac Auchan from his first album ?

I love the vocal layers on That Girl, well done !

The artwork kicks ass (Funny the Universal Logo on the top of “La Tour Du Reuze” haha) and I love the infinite last tracks on the side B : Seagulls from Dunkirk. I listen to it every day for two or three hours to avoid nostalgy.

The making-of is very funny (in french only) : http://vimeo.com/55958792

A very good album, and good recording work by Fred Norguet !




1. I’ll Be Back
2. Lying To You
3. Holidays
4. That Girl
5. Whirlpool

You can listen to the songs for free on his bandcamp page : http://beatch.bandcamp.com/album/girls-death


Billy B. Beat, Encodable en MP3

(2005, Neji Production) France, Dunkerque.

Billy B. Beat - Encodable En Mp3

Billy B. Beat is a musician and a friend from Dunkirk. He was a great musical-activist in North of France and he is an ex-member from the band Milgram.

Here is first album : some electro-rock music.

Soundwise it is really original and strange because most part of the sounds are synthetics, even the guitars.

My favorite song is Super Herock n Roll, there is some melancoly pouring out of that song which I find interesting.

The production and ambiences in Rock Star are awesome.

Nike‘s lyrics are corrosive and well-done.

Everyone who saw him live, or know him, know his song Sac Auchan.

Some good songs.




1. Super Herock n roll
2. Rock Star
3. Nike
4. Le Sac Auchan

You can listen to these songs for free on his website : http://billybbeat.free.fr/

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