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Fucking Invicible

Very Negative Ep

(2012, Atomic Actions Records) USA, Providence.

Fucking Invicible - Very Negative Ep

Fucking Invicible is a new hardcore band from Providence, with Alexis (Daughters) on the vocals.

They play an In-your-face hardcore music in between Some Girls or Magrudergrind even.

Your eardrums will hurt from the very beginning with Hellbound Heart.

I love how Death Defier starts and its terrific part at 0:43.

What a power in Illogical, Imperfect or at 0:26 in Anti-Tomorrow !

The riff at 0:30 in Unpopular Bible Verse is a killer.

A very promising Ep.




1. Hellbound Heart
2. Death Defier
3. Illogical, Imperfect
4. Anti-Tomorrow
5. Unpopular Bible Verse

You can listen to all their tracks for free on their bandcamp page : http://atomicactionrecords.bandcamp.com/album/fucking-invincible-very-negative-ep

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