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Buzzcocks - Another Music In A Different Kitchen - Cover

Another Music In A Different Kitchen

(1978, United Artists Records) UK, Bolton.

Of course, I’ve heard of the name Buzzcocks, but the first time I gave it a try was when I played to Guitar Hero© at Clément Faure-Brac’s place withWhat Do I Get ?. This song is very efficient, with a fast drum. I love the part at 0:53 with all these changes played by the guitar, followed by the bass.

My favorite song on that album is I Don’t Mind, I love that fast tempo and nervous drum’s playing (Terrific video here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIQYOHopSbs). The chorus remains in mind and the guitar’s riffs make me think of the Pixies, and the vocals sometimes make me think of Luke Lalonde.

And I find this comparison with Born Ruffians’ singer more obvisous in Whatever Happened To… ? I love the way that the effects are used on guitar and bass in that song.

I love the bass lines in Get On Your Own at 0:27. That song makes me think of Bad Brains.

The guitar’s appergio on Sixteen are cool and I love its crazy Finale.

In the end, Buzzcocks seem to be a great influence fro many band I love !

A Must-Have-In-Your-Collection !




1. I Don’t Mind
2. What Do I Get ?
3. Whatever Happened To… ?
4. Get On Your Own
5. Sixteen


What Do I Get ? 7″ Ep

(1977, United Artists Records) UK.

This is the single version of What Do I Get ? (more details above)

Oh Shit ! is cool.

For fans




1. What Do I Get ?
2. Oh Shit !

Buzzcocks’ official website : http://www.buzzcocks.com/site/index.html

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