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Two Kings Of The Same Kingdom

(2007, SAF Records) USA, Florida.

Second Yip-Yip’s album and better sound, since the first track : Anarchist Clog.

The synthesizers in Club Mummy are sublime.

Then I really love the way that Jazz Rats evolves and its finale at 1:24.

The break at 0:55 in Sprinkle Council is terrific and the sequential synthesizers at the end is a killer.

That time, High Heel to Mammal IV is close to the version from “Pro-Twelve Thinker”.

We want more.





1. Club Mummy
2. Jazz Rats
3. Anarchist Clog
4. High Heel To Mammal IV
5. Sprinkle Council


In The Reptile House

(2006, SAF Records) USA, Florida.

I discover the name Yip-Yip, some years ago , on a The Locust tour flyer.

You have to listen their music, just to respect the awesome work they did on their costumes.

So they play a lofi electro music, 8bit, maybe 1bit.

The Yip-Yip are synthesizers maniac/masters, the list of the one they used for this record is impressive.

Sometimes, you’ll have a funny electronic saxophone solo like in Candy Dinner.

I love the beat and the riff of Double Dolphin and the slow part at 0:26.

I really like too the hiphop break at 1:03 in Birth Herd.

The part at 1:10 in Munch Much Mush ? sounds disco-tech.

High Heel To Mammal III is a recursive song in their albums, It’s funny to listen to the way they gonna redo it. Here it’s really out of structure.

An amazing and original album.




1. Candy Dinner
2. Double Dolphin
3. Birth Herd
4. High Heel To Mammal III
5. Munch Much Mush ?

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