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Go Plastic

(2001, Warp Records) UK

Squarepusher Go Plastic

I discovered Squarepusher just after Aphex twin, on their label Warp, with his  “Do You Know Squarepusher ?” album (to be reviewed).

“Go plastic” is one of his first album in his discography and it’s one of the last I listened to. Tom Jenkinson (aka Squarepusher) is a very good bass player and electronica artist.

This album is a part of his Drum’n’Bass++ wave, kind of speedy Amon Tobin playing on Aphex Twin’s synthesizers.  Sometimes, he adds some bass guitar riffs, but it’s very few compared to what he releases now.

Most of my favorite songs on this album are very similar, Drum’n’Bass : Go ! spastic, Greenways Trajectory and Boneville Occident.

My Red Hot Car includes some sampled vocals then pitched down, which made the song’s fresh, that’s probably why it’s the single of the album, pre-released on Ep.

Also, The most interesting song in my opinion, is The Exploding Psychology, and its awesome videoclip. A feeling of wide spaces is given by his particular reverb and sound effects. There is complex micro-beats mixed with a lot of short riffs inside it, this give a preview of his earlier works.




1. The Exploding Psychology
2. Go ! Spastic
3. My Red Hot Car
4. Greenways Trajectory
5. Boneville Occident


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