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The March

The March - Crawl Space - Cover

Crawl Space

(2012, D.I.Y.) France, Lille.

The March are back with a new album with a powerful sound.

Let’s start with the beginning : Carried Away is a big slap in your face.

You may think of Norma jean with the violent Nate William or even Envy on Blood Stained. The mix between guitars and bass is a success in these songs.

The slow tracks The Dyed Wall and Two Nights deliver dark and massive ambiences.

The silkscreen is amazing once again.

I only have one regret : I wish I could have seen them playing live as the band did split as far as I know.




1. Nate William
2. Carried Away
3. Blood Stained
4. The Dyed Wall
5. Two Nights

You can stream these songs for free on their bandcamp page :  http://themarch.bandcamp.com/album/crawl-space


Dead Ends and Blind Spots

(2009, D.I.Y.) France, Lille.

The March is a band from Lille, North of France. Their music sounds like something in between Knut or Amen Ra but with more melodies.

I’m amazed by The Yellow Leaf Has Fallen, as well for the guitar’s riffs as for the rhythmic patterns (huge at 3:34).

I have the same thoughts on A Last Breast (Terrific ambiences at 4:16).

Monsters We’ve Created’s riffs are well-done composition-wise.

What a great artwork !

A band you want to follow.




1. The Yellow Leaf Has Fallen
2. A Last Breast
3. Monsters We’ve Created

You can stream these songs for free on their bandcamp page :  http://themarch.bandcamp.com/album/dead-ends-and-blind-spots

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