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Ex Models

Chrome Panthers

(2005, Troubleman Unlimited) USA, NY

Last album for Ex Models.

I really like the way their music evolve from a rocky Nowave at their beginnings to a very experimental and noisy music for “Chrome Panthers”.

The rhythm in That’s Funny I Don’t Feel Like A Shithead is hypnotic and the vocals are, as always, terrific.

Buy American has a tough intro but from 2:52, it starts to be really interesting.

I love too Chrome Hearts, a nice way to end the story of Ex Models.




1. Chrome Hearts
2. That’s Funny I Don’t Feel Like A Shithead
3. Buy American


Zoo Psychology

(2003, French Kiss Records) USA, NY

I discovered that album with that song : Sex Automata and its videoclip : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K61Paua48yc

It’s one of my favorite band (Top 10). I think it’s totaly genius to play this kind of à la talking heads rock with noisy and experimental guitars, with an awesome production.

What Is A Price is totally awesome, I love their idea Fuck To The Music in doing that groovy song and its grindcore finale.

Shahin ‘s vocals and the drums are powerful and the bass riffs are absolutely groovy.

Rip This Joint, Pink Noise and Brand New Panties are all funny and real noisy and vocal performances.

A Must Have.

Mention Speciale for the artwork.




1. Sex Automata
2. What Is A Price
3. Rip This Joint
4. Pink Noise
5. Brand New Panties


Ex Models / The Seconds Split Ep

(2002, My Pal God Records) USA, NY

I only remember from that ep the awesome U Got What I Need (Shake) which is a complex jewel.

Videoclip here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6e0DGgBmDw

Better Suit by The Seconds is interesting too.




1. U Got What I Need (Shake)
2. Better Suit


Other Mathematics

(2001, Ace Fu Records) USA, NY

First album for Ex Models, Nowave trio from Brooklyn.

It’s probably the most accessible from their discography, but it is still very orginal and interesting.

There is a big research into composing and vocals.

I love the part at 1:04 in Objects And Relations.

Supersex and It’s On Television exemplify their modern nowave.

The Birth Of Disneyland is a hit and the riff remains in head.

Girlfriend Is Worse is the more rock song and the easiest to approach.

This album is genius.

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