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Dope Body

Dope Body - Natural History - Cover

Natural History

(2012, Drag City Records) USA, Baltimore.

Dope Body’s new album is released !

So that time they didn’t add heavy reveb on the vocals. It is less monotonous : perfect !

There is amzing tracks on that album.

Road Dog is terrific and its chorus remains in mind. It’s like a modern version of Andrew WK. Live, that song was a killer.

Then you’ll find the same concepts in Powder with its great chorus at 0:48.

I do love the part at 3:00 in Twice The Life.

The effects on the guitar are still their signature : what a cool sound in Out Of My Mind, and what a vocal performance as well.

You’ll find here some live performance of the band in Serious Business : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBWYX_x9eKs

The drummer gives an impressive energy in Highway.

A must have in your collection !




1. Road Dog
2. Powder
3. Twice The Life
4. Out Of My Mind
5. Highway



(2011, Hoss Records) USA, Baltimore.

Dope Body is a rock / hardcore quatuor with a noise touch.

Pierre Templé introduced me to that band with their live in Paris @ L’espace B the 3rd of November 2012.

I loved their powerful live show.

One of the surprizing thing from this album is this constant guitar play with harmonics, like in the great Force Field or in The Shape Of Grunge To Come.

I love the part at 1:55 in Loner Stoner.

The rhytmic parts are great too like in the amazing Mr. Black.

My favorite song in that album is Bangers And Yos. The guitar’s effects and the power flowing out of that song are terrific.

I didn’t like the production on the vocals and I think that because they are drowned into too much reverb, it makes it monotonous along the album.

Good work.




1. Bangers and Yos
2. Force Field
3. Mr. Black
4. Loner Stoner
5. The Shape Of Grunge To Come


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