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Chateau Brutal

Ham Slicer

(2012, D.I.Y.) France, Lille.

Chateau Brutal - Ham Slicer

That is Grand, and from the North !

I’ll be extremely subjective on this review and not only because I appreciate humanly a lot Chateau Brutal’s members with who I had a lot of fun at the Forest Sessions, not only because I did a vocal featuring on their song Chaise, but mainly because they throw wood on their terrific record and live.

My favorite song, on this record with a well-designed artwork, is I Think Your Music Sucks. The couple drum/guitar is here at his best. Add to this Marcus’ suave vocals and you’ll cry.

Have a look to Meet My Meat‘s videoclip if you’re not vegetarian : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z84TfUDANXM (I really love the guitar solo at the end with Marcus’ home-made pedal, and big up to Sushi of Green Vaughan for his featuring on this song).

In a different ambience and really interesting, give a try to Preaches, with a really good vocal performance and a great saxophone feat. Sax by Benoit Farine.

Skillshot‘s riff is great.

Finally, in Chaise, I love Marcus’lapsteel awesome sound.

Not convinced by the record ? so let’s see them live ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLVsoUs7D5g. I mean Romain and Marcus rock the stage, I rarely see so much fury in the crowd like in their gig at l’International Paris the 3rd of July 2012.

What a sound.

A really good release.

You’ll find many remixes on their bandcamp.

“Two guys. No cup” ha ha ha ha ha.




1. I Think Your Music Sucks
2. Meet My Meat
3. Skillshot
4. Preaches
5. Chaise

You can listen to all these tracks for free on their bandcamp.

This Fish Has Only One Leg

(2011, D.I.Y.) France, Lille.

Chateau Brutal - This Fish Has Only One Leg

First 5 tracks ep for Chateau Brutal from North of France : They brought us original songs, remixes and many other goodies.

Elastic has a terrific guitar riff which I remember from their live in Paris at L’international.

“She’s twisted like a Bretzel”

I really love the couple drum/guitar in Unbeliever and mainly their complicity on that track. This song seems to be in between Deerhoof and the future.

LCD Is Playing At My House is a song to play in all your parties. I love the reference to LCD soundsystem’s Daft Punk Is Playing At My House.

Mummy‘s remix by Sushi reminds me of the latest Prodigy’s album with some soft and quiet singings. Nice !

You need these songs !




1. Elastic
2. Unbeliever
3. LCD Is Playing At My House
4. Mummy (Sushi Remix)

You can listen to all these tracks for free on their bandcamp.

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