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Category: Metal

List of Metal artist reviews


Deftones (2003, Maverick Records) USA, California. Cet album est le dernier que j’ai apprécié, les deux suivants ne me touchant pas trop. Good Morning Beautiful est le morceau parfait pour [ … ]

Nuclear Rabbit

Mutopia (2003, DIY) USA, California. I discover  Nuclear Rabbit on an Arno Matendouce’s compilation. This record is really, really hard to find (at an affordable price) but I finally found [ … ]

Kid Sister

Ultraviolet (2009, Universal Republic) USA, Chicago My Friend Nicolas  Sanizzle introduced me to the amazing Kid Sister. I could sum up her music in two great words : Great sound, [ … ]


Pigs are Back (2004, Bizzare Leprous Production) Czech Republic There is few Grind band which still surprized me. How a band, from Czech Republic, not well-known, could have a so [ … ]