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Jean Jean

Jean Jean

(2010, D.I.Y.) France.

Jean Jean - Jean Jean

What a slap !

Yesterday (04/16/13) I was with Sylvain Bekaert aka the brave, Marine, Simon, Madeleine, and everyone to see Fang Island Live in Paris @ Le Batofar, in The Indie Air Festival.

Jean Jean is a french instrumental trio, drum/guitar/keyboard who opened for Fang Island and let’s repeat it : What a slap !

Jean Jean play layers over layers with a lot of great ideas, something between Civil Civic and And So I Watch You From Afar. Their usage of effects on guitar and synthesizer is rich and wise, like in Bayonette or Elli Lilly.

The rhythmic parts are amazing and powerful, like in their first song Fresher.

I love the part at 1:42 in With Mountains As Witness and the way that song evolves.

Terrific finale in Iowa at 2:20 !

The live performance was really precise and powerful, impressive !

I bought their vinyle couple weeks ago and I love their artwork.

A great Ep and let’s see them live !




1. Fresher
2. Iowa
3. Bayonette
4. With Mountains As Witness
5. Elli Lilly

Tous les titres sont en écoute gratuite sur leur page Bandcamp.


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