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Paper Mice

The Funny Papers

(2012, 31g Records) USA, Chicago.

Paper Mice - The Funny Paper

Here is Paper Mice’s second album.

Wow what a succesful release ! A terrific sound and music which reminds me of so many bands I love : Shellac, The Ex Models, The Jesus Lizard, Gâtechien… You’ll feel this since When Bugs Cry. What a huge bass sound and what a drummer at 1:30 !

All the songs are awesome, it is really hard to proceed to a Top 5 selection.

The theme played on the guitar and sung in Banking Up The Wrong Tree kill the future (what an amazing noisy solo at the end).

The way that  Swine Flu Suits‘ bass riff is hatched is a great idea.

The guitar’s riff in Research And Destroy is great too.

Guitar ambiences and the vocals in Hot Air are huge.

Amazing live video here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8q0uxJXwfFU

A great album !




1. Hot Air
2. Swine Flu Suits
3. When Bugs Cry
4. Research And Destroy
5. Banking Up The Wrong Tree


Paint It Pink

(2009, Cassette Deck Records) USA, Chicago.

Paper Mice - Paint It Pink

First album for this crazy punk trio from Chicago.

Their music rock hell.

The energy, the rhythmic and melodic complexity in the songs is genius.

I love the power in No More “More Than Words” No More. Excellent.

Guitar and Drum parts in Pump Fake and 11 Bullets are awesome.

I do love the vocal performance in Fresh Hair, I can’t stop dancing.

The way that the guitar and bass guitar melt in Paint It Pink is huge.

What a great album !




1. Fresh Hair
2. Pump Fake
3. No More “More Than Words” No More
4. 11 Bullets
5. Paint It Pink

You can listen to all these tracks fo free on : http://papermice.bandcamp.com/

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