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Cloud Nothings

Attack On Memory

(2012, Carpark Records) USA, Cleveland.

Cloud Nothings - Attack On Memory

Third album by Cloud Nothings (aka the serial releasers ha ha) and they reach a new step : their built their signature sound and you’ll have this feeling from the very first song No Past/ No Future with à la hardcore screams.

With “Attack On Memory”, Cloud Nothings create their sound and their identity, that is an achievement, bravo !

The big hit on that album is the terrific Wasted Days (8 min 54 !). What a finale at 7:41 with these screams : genius !

I love the drum pattern and the ambiences in No Sentiment.

Fall Insounds like a song from their previous album

Stay Useless‘ chorus will remain in your mind for days.

What to say ? I saw them live @ Point Ephémère in Paris the 8th of June 2012. One of the best live I saw that year. What a great voice, what a power and a happiness on stage. Huge !

A Must-Have-In-Your-Collection.




1. Wasted Days
2. No Sentiment
3. No Future / No Past
4. Fall In
5. Stay Useless


Cloud Nothings

(2011, Carpark Records) USA, Cleveland.

Cloud Nothings - Cloud Nothings

Cloud Nothings offer us their second album and climb a new step : The pro level. Hooray !

Power and Californian punk-rock for all ! It even seems that Tom DeLonge is singing in Nothing’s Wrong when Dylan sing that in loop at the end.

That repetition may be boring sometimes (like in I Don’t Understand at All).

All the melodies are really efficient and remain in head, which is not easy nowaday with all these punk bands.

Forget You All The Time has interesting soundscapes.

I do love the vocals in Not Important.

My favorite song is You’re Not That Good at Anything. Everything here rocks : vocals, riffs and screams at 1:57.

I love how Rock starts with that repetitive riff at the beginning which vanishes in the song. Awesome. It reminds me some Born Ruffians’ song.

A great album !




1. You’re Not That Good at Anything
2. Rock
3. Not Important
4. Forget You All The Time
5. Nothing’s Wrong


Turning On

(2010, Carpark Records) USA, Cleveland.

Cloud Nothings - Turning On

Cloud Nothings is a quatuor from Cleveland, Ohio, who plays a punk/rock, almost hardcore music.

So that “Turning On” sounds like a demo, but I learned that Dylan Baldi recorded all the parts alone on Garage band.

“Turning On” is dedicated to Cloud Nothings’ hardcore fans or to the Lofi lovers : Drum’s fails or poorly tuned guitars are a part of that record (How frustrating in I Can’t Stay Awake which starts so great).

There is still some interesting songs in that album like Old Street with a terrific guitar’s riff.

I really love Morgan‘s power and the ambiences in Hey Cool Kid and in I am Rooftop (which reminds me of Interpol !?!).

For fans.




1. Old Street
2. Hey Cool Kid
3. I Can’t Stay Awake
4. I Am Rooftop
5. Morgan

Cloud Nothings’ official website : http://cloudnothings.com/

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