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All Leather

When I Grow Up, I Wanna F*ck Like A Girl

(2010, Dim Mak Records) USA, California

First full length for All Leather.

I couldn’t wait for this CD to be released after their first awesome Ep and It was definitely worth it.

It reaches an higher level of finishing and success in the production and mixing.  The electro drums rendering is powerfull and the guitar effects are really homogeneous in the mix (like in : Moist Around The Edge)

All tracks are interesting and differents.

When I Grow Up, I Wanna F*ck Like A Girl is a single of this album and the one I loved the most first : the noisy guitar riff which starts each time is awesome and the cowbell rhythm kills.

The same for the awesome guitar parts in Dear Mother Nature, Drop Dead or Do I Look Divorced.

I love the death-like song Well Fed F*ck, very powerfull with an amazing vocal performance of Justin.

Apparently there is a remix vinyl of this album : I Do need it.

To conclude, this album is a Must Have : Nothing is like it and the composition and production work is remarkable.

The part at 3:17 from I Do It With My Prick Out disco/punk/core is huge and as Justin says endlessly at the end of the song : “Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye




1. When I Grow Up, I Wanna F*ck Like A Girl
2. Dear Mother Nature, Drop Dead
3. Well Fed F*ck
4. Mystery Meat
5. Do I Look Divorced

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Hung Like A Horse (Ep)

(2009, Dim Mak Records) USA, California

Here is an umpteenth great project from the hypercreative Justin Pearson.

I always followed his projects and label 31G and I’m always amazed by the fact he always surprized me. What’s the trick ?

All Leather is a post-punk/electro band, with a guitar, an electronic drumkit and vocal (Justin). Nathan Joyner is the guitar player, from the late and awesome Some Girls, where Justin played bass.

The layers and effects are genius (like in Please Jesus, Send Me Someone To Fuck).

The whole thing is weird, brutal, binairy and puzzling at the same time.

The lyrics are very funny :

Wait a second, God’s last name really isn’t Damn It?
Does he smell like cheese to you?
Does he like hospital food?
Did he let his meat loaf?

I Don’t Hate Fags, God Does is the single and here is its great videoclip : http://www.vimeo.com/5069086

I love too We’re Skrewed and the way the vocals are set up with the rhythm.

Audios Mi Amoebas reminds me some sides of Death From Above 1979.

To conclude, this ep presaged the great album to come.

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