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Category: Punk-Hardcore

Reviews of Punk Hardcore Music

Baxter Stockman

Punter (2013, Ektro Records) Finland. I discover this finnish band in Noisemag’s news feed (http://www.noisemag.net/). I was amazed by the amazing Labour, its looped bass riff and its videoclip : http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=z5mtKjXlddc. They [ … ]

No Spill Blood

Street Meat (2012, Sargent House) Ireland. What a slap ! Two days ago (04/16/13) I was with Sylvain Bekaert aka the brave, Marine, Simon, Madeleine, and everyone to see Fang [ … ]

Part Chimp

Part Chimp vs. Torche Split (2011, Chunklet Magazine) UK, London. Last split Ep by Part Chimp with the famous Torche. You’ll recognize their soft and light sound as on their [ … ]

Vandal X

God Knows (2013, Fons Records) Belgique. Every Vandal-X’s new album is a big slap. Bart and Gunther are back with a more powerful drum, a more abrasive guitar, terrific compositions [ … ]


Les Grandes Marées (2011, Purepainsugar Records) France. 12XU is a french punk band, with french lyrics, and it seems they’ve exported their music in US and Japan ! Congratulations ! [ … ]

Le Prince Harry

It’s Getting Worse (2012, Teenage Menopause & Rockerill Records) Belgique. Shazam is genius… I was playing with H.O.Z. @ Le Mondo Bizarro in Rennes when I heard this weird synth-punk [ … ]

Shiko Shiko

Best New Bestiole (2012, Laybell Records) France. Here is another review totally objective because Shiko Shiko are friends. Saying that “Best New Bestiole” is bad is a lie. I know [ … ]