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Generalized Oppression

(2012, Mollo Bobby Prod.) France.

Degraded - Generalized Oppression

It was between 2004 and 2009 when we were practicing with H.O.Z. in Grande-Synthe, close to Dunkirk (North of France), at the “Lieu Musical Expérimental”.

We shared the place with local bands and Jérome Vanstaevel and his beloved DW drumkit.

He often played before us and we were impressed by his seriousness in his training and by his tenacity when it was hard to find a band to play with in that style.

We left to Paris and he left to Bordeaux in South of France.

A couple years later, he send me his new crust band first LP.

What a slap, what a disc ! (transparent) : They play really fast, the riffs work and the sound is great !

Degraded plays a music between Yacopsae (Communihilist at 1:07)  and Dropdead.

I love Bankster Hegemony‘s first riff.

The Guitar/Bass couple works perfectly in the first riff in Sufferings From Laboratory.

The final scream in Sell Your Dignity is amazing.

Potentiel Riot is very powerful !

A great first album, A band to follow !




1. Banksters Hegemony
2. Sell Your Dignity
3. Sufferings From Laboratory
4. Communihilist
5. Potential Riot


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