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Doomsday Student

A Jumper’s Handbook

(2012, Anchor Brain) USA, Providence.

Doomsday Student - A Jumper's Handbook

Band founded with Arab On Radar’s members (reviewed soon too), Doomsday Student is a terrific band.

I first bought their LP and I felt in love instantly with these sweets guitars and the vocals.

What a happiness to see them live in paris @ l’Espace B the 22nd of October.

They started the show with that great energy they’re famous for on A New Bearded Monster. What a hit.

Then came Ape In Love : Grand : http://vimeo.com/40039669

The guitars riffs in Dime Store Horsey are fabulous and I love the break at 1:50.

The ambiences in The Unborn Chant are a success : I do love the effects on the vocals and the change in the guitar’s riff at 2:13.

I really love the part at 1:05 in Bleeding Pioneers.

Eric Paul is a nice guy.

2012’s best record, I can’t wait for the next one.




1. Dime Store Horsey
2. The Unborn Chant
3. Ape In Love
4. A New Bearded Monster
5. Bleeding Pioneers


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